Great Lakes Freighers, Cargo Ships and Tugboats in Panoramic Sizes

In the past, I enjoyed viewing and photographing the many freighters, tugboats, barges and other ships that travel along the Great Lakes and their rivers. I had created portfolios of thousands of these pictures and some videos between 2010 and 2012 before I lost most of my vision. I hope to put the best of these in a book in the future or sell the jpgs. To View some of these scroll down or Click following link:

Since our eyes have a field of view almost to 160 degrees, I photographed very wide angle. Viewing or printing these, they look like a letterbox or widescreen. So I reexperience seeing the ships again. The size of these ships demand something more than standard sizes. After all, these ships are between 450 feet long to 650 feet long! And those are just the ones navigating rivers such as the Cuyahoga. So you can view some of these by scrolling or click on the link.


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Grand Old Maumee Freighter on the Cuyahoga. Mississagi Freighter with classic smokestack on the Cuyahoga. Rare Sight of Classic AlgoRail freighter on the Cuyahoga. Arrival of Sea Eagle and Barge to the Cuyahoga. Arrival of Cuyahoga freighter on the Cuyahoga.