Great Lakes Freighter Ship Prints in Panorama Sizes

I enjoy seeing the great ships live and wanted that same feeling in photographs
of the ships. Solution: I photograph in widescreen format using wide-angle lenses,
then print to panoramic sizes such as 20" x 8", 16" x 8" or even 24" x 8".

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Since our eyes have a field of view almost to 160 degrees, by photographing wide and printing large I reexperience seeing the ships again. The size of these ships demand something more than standard sizes. After all, these ships are between 450 feet long to 650 feet long! And those are just the ones navigating rivers such as the Cuyahoga. So you can see or buy these and other ship pictures here through Paypal. Here they are low pixel count, but the actual prints are fully detailed and have sharp focus at the full megapixel count of the original images.


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Grand Old Maumee Freighter on the Cuyahoga. Mississagi Freighter with classic smokestack on the Cuyahoga. Rare Sight of Classic AlgoRail freighter on the Cuyahoga. Arrival of Sea Eagle and Barge to the Cuyahoga. Arrival of Cuyahoga freighter on the Cuyahoga.